Decorative tiles for borders

Handmade decorative tiles

Rustic 100% handmade special finishing pieces made of terracotta.

Spaces with character

These decorative ceramic pieces with a rustic feel will let you produce an even more remarkable finish. Create one-of-a-kind spaces both indoors and outdoors.

We have more than 20 designs that are 100% handmade available. By using the pieces together, you can create original tile trims.

Build and decorate one-of-a-kind spaces using these pieces.

Indoor and outdoor use

They can be used both outdoors and indoors.

To order special shapes and loose pieces, please enquire for further details.

Available pieces

Fish scale

Wall cap



Triangle (stars)




Curved cornice


L-shaped corner

Round edge step


Semicircle column



Pigeon breast

Slab (star)

Navicula 1 mosaic

Navicula 2 mosaic

Navicula 3 mosaic window box


Tipped navicula 30


100% handmade

The manufacturing process for these pieces is completely manual, according to a traditional method dating back to Roman times. It is a completely artisan process.

Water is added to clay powder and kneaded to make clay. The clay is then shaped in a mould to get the desired shapes and sizes. The first stage of the drying process is done naturally while the second stage involves baking in a kiln to produce the final products.

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